Frosch-Hostel Wo jeder der Gast zum König wird

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Terms of Business

1. Business hours:

1.1 Frosch-Hostel:      daily 24 hours                            breakfast: 8.00 am - 12.00 pm
1.2 reception:              daily 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm
1.3 sleep:                      daily 10.00 pm – 7.00 am

2. arrival, departure, obligation to register:

2.1 arrival:                     daily 14:00 – 18:00 h later on: only by arrangement                                                                                                                           In cas of an unannounced delay of more than 1 hour, the reservation can be cancelled with charges.
departure:                daily by 12:00 h,  later on: only by arrangement                                                                                                                                 In case of delayed departure of more than 45 minutes, 50 % of the accommodation price will be                                                   charged.
Obligation to register:  Every guest has to fill out a registration-form and has to identify himself with a valid document                                                     (passport / national ID).

3. advance booking/cancellation:

3.1 Bookings:       Bookings may be made by telephone, by e-mail or local. The written confirmation by the hostel makes the                                    booking obligatory.
Cancellation:  Single bookings can be cancelled for free until 3 days before arrival date and group bookings 4 weeks                                          before arrival date.
                               You have to pay a deposit of 50% of the accommodation price if you do not cancel the booking
                               in time. Not arriving means a cancellation on your arrival date.

4. Payment:

4.1 Deposit: In order to secure your booking you must pay us a deposit of 50% of the                                           accommodation price within the next 10 days. The booking is obligatory upon the                           receipt of the money.
Payment: The payment/final payment will be made local. Cards payment is accepted.


All guests should be aimed to keep the hostel safe and clean!

5.1 Every guest has to take consideration of the other guests of the hostel, in reference to                      volume, safety and housekeeping.
5.2 The bedcover has to be removed on the date of departure. The garbage has to be collected          in appropriate bins.
5.3 Animals are not permitted.
5.4 Smoking in the „Frosch-Hostel“ is not allowed!
5.5 The bringing and consumption of drugs of all types is absolutely forbidden in every          room of the hostel!
5.6 The guests are personally liable for damaging the inventory of the hostel!
5.7 Extra cleaning owing to the guests has to be paid!

6. Domestic authority

The hostel administration executes the domestic authority!
The failure to comply with the rules of the house will be punished with the order to stay away from the hostel (in case of vandalism, drunkenness etc.)!

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